Welcome to Artillery Docs!

Welcome to the documentation for Artillery!

There are many things a user of Artillery might need to know about. To help you find the information you’re looking for, we’ve divided the docs into several sections.

If you’re new to Artillery, Why Artillery? is a good place to start to understand what Artillery is, what it can do for you, and what makes it different.

If you’re already writing tests with Artillery, we have a number of specific guides, such as those for testing HTTP or testing Socket.io.

Artillery Pro specific documentation is marked with the lighning bolt icon ⚡, such as the guide for installing Artillery Pro ⚡.

Stay in touch


If you are having problems with Artillery, or have a question which is not covered by the docs, you can always find us on Spectrum community website. It’s also a good place to propose & discuss a new feature, talk about performance testing in general, or just say hello.


For an occasional update on what we’re up to, follow us on Twitter.


Artillery development happens on Github. Star Artillery.io on Github to be able to find it quickly later.