Publishing real-time load test metrics to StatsD

22 Apr 2017

It’s important to have visibility into every layer of your system. Whatever platform or stack your applications are built on, chances are that your monitoring platform of choice supports the StatsD protocol for ingesting metrics.

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Using Faker.js With Artillery To Add Realistic Randomness To Your Tests

19 Apr 2017

One of the most powerful features of Artillery is being able to add custom logic to your test scripts by writing JS functions. If you’re a Node.js developer, you will already know that npm contains a lot of high-quality open-source code, and any of that code can be used in your Artillery tests scripts to get stuff done faster or to accomplish something that Artillery does not provide out of the box.

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Load testing applications with Artillery

09 Dec 2016

If you’re building a real-time backend in Node.js such as a chat server or the backend for a collaborative app, chances are you’re using (and you’re in good company - Microsoft, Zendesk, Trello and countless others use it too).

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