Planet-scale performance testing

Millions of requests per second, multiple geographical regions, from your own cloud environment

Artillery is modern load testing & smoke testing for SRE and DevOps

Thousands of developers use Artillery to help
keep production fast & reliable, customers happy, and pagers silent

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Artillery Core

Get started and run a test in minutes from your local machine or a VM. Free & open-source.

$ npm install -g artillery  

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Artillery Pro

Take your testing to next level and empower every dev team in your organization with a self-service platform hosted in your own AWS environment.

  • Cloud-native: Scale your tests to millions of requests per second. Run across 13 different geographical regions
  • On-prem: runs in your own AWS account and plugs into existing security & compliance mechanisms
  • Serverless: No infrastructure to maintain, no ongoing charges
  • Microservice-friendly: test services inside the VPC perimeter with ease
  • Cost-effective: pricing that supports high-volume, frequent use
  • Seamless upgrade: your existing scripts just work

“We use Artillery to run weekly load tests in production. This gives us the confidence to know our online publications can handle large spikes in traffic without incident or customer impact, as well as identifying any potential problems or bottlenecks ahead of time in a controlled manner. Artillery has been an invaluable tool for the SRE team as we continuously look to improve our platform's reliability and resiliency.”

Clayton Howe
Lead SRE, Conde Nast

“We need to run load tests for all of our systems - Chat, Social, Bots and Video, so we can be confident that our system is always up to the quality our customers worldwide expect. Arillery makes our routine load testing much easier!”

Art Touchapon Kraisingkorn
CTO & Head of Professional Services, Amity

“Artillery allows us to test the Big Give's infrastructure and apps at realistic scale with minimal time investment. This was a key part of our small team's quality control ahead of the 2020 Christmas Challenge, which delivered our strongest results yet – supporting 764 charities to keep working through the pandemic with over £20 million raised.”

Noel Light-Hilary
Tech Lead, The Big Give

Why Artillery?

Runs in your own cloud environment

Artillery Pro is a cloud-native solution which runs in your own AWS account.

  • Your data never leaves the premises

    Your code and data stay on your systems, and completely within your security perimeter.

  • Plug into existing security, compliance and governance mechanisms

    Complex systems come with security and compliance requirements. Artillery Pro runs on your own infrastructure and can plug into existing security, compliance and governance mechanisms.

  • Integrate with other AWS services

    Your cloud, your environment, with ultimate flexibility to set up integrations as you see fit, whether it's IAM, VPC, Systems Manager, or anything else.

Load test in your own cloud environment

Distributed load testing

Boom! Scale out your load tests to hundreds of thousands of requests per second with ease.

  • Scale out with ease

    What does it take to scale out your load tests? Not much. Just tell Artillery Pro to spin up more workers. It will take care of the rest.

  • Send traffic from North America, Europe or Asia-Pacific

    Artillery Pro can generate traffic from 13 different geographic regions, covering North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

  • Use classic ECS or serverless Fargate

    Use any existing ECS cluster - no new infrastructure to set up or manage. No servers? No problem! Use serverless Fargate to run tests at scale, on demand and at a fraction of the cost compared to hosted SaaS alternatives.

Run distributed load tests from multiple regions

Test internal services

If you want to test internal services, you will love Artillery Pro. So will your security team. No third-party agents to install, third-party IPs to whitelist, or firewall rules to open to allow inbound traffic from the outside. Artillery Pro makes it easy to test internal services because it runs in your own AWS environment.

  • Test services inside your VPC

    Artillery Pro tests can run from within your VPCs making it as easy to test internal services as any public endpoint. Run them from an ECS/Fargate cluster in the same VPC as the services under test or use VPC peering.

  • Microservice-ready

    Microservices - we may love them or we may hate them. Either way we need to test them. Artillery Pro can send traffic to internal microservices which aren't exposed to the outside world.

  • Test AWS services

    Any AWS-operated components in your stack can be tested with Artillery Pro too, such as Elastic Search Service domains, workers and consumers of SQS queues and Kinesis streams, API Gateway endpoints, or Lambda functions.

Load test internal services

Test like the best with Artillery Pro