Make your backend faster, more scalable, and more resilient with Artillery.

Artillery is a modern load-testing framework. It offers rich functionality, has a strong focus on developer happiness and a batteries-included philosophy, and is open-source.

$ npm install -g artillery  

By Node.js developers, for Node.js developers


  • Mutiple protocols: HTTP(S),, WebSockets out of the box
  • Scenarios: Test with multi-step scenarios
  • Detailed perfomance metrics: latency, requests per second, concurrency, throughput
  • Scriptable: write custom logic in JS to do pretty much anything
  • Integrations: statsd support out of the box for real-time reporting (integrate with Datadog, Librato, InfluxDB etc)
  • Extensible: custom reporting plugins, custom protocol engines etc
  • High performance: generate serious load on modest hardware
  • ...and more! HTML reports, nice CLI, parameterization with CSV files

Get started with Artillery

Everything you need for load testing, stress testing, and performance benchmarking. Whether you want to test a complex web API, an ecommerce website, a realtime chat backend, a game server, or a serverless microservice - Artillery has you covered.

Get started with Artillery