Make your backend faster, more scalable, and more resilient with Artillery.

Artillery is a modern load-testing framework. It offers rich functionality, has a strong focus on developer happiness, and is open-source.

HTTP(S) WebSockets Scriptable HTML reports

Perfect for testing web APIs, mobile and web app backends, microservices, and BFFs.

$ npm install -g artillery  

By Node.js developers, for Node.js developers


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Everything you need for load testing, stress testing, and performance benchmarking. Whether you want to test a complex API, a website, or a microservice - Artillery has you covered.


  • HTTP(S) & WebSocket support out-of-the-box. Pluggable engine architecture makes it easy to add more protocols.
  • Scriptable virtual user behavior to let you test complex transactional interaction scenarios (for example: get an auth token, run a search, parse the response and get the full record for a particular result).
  • Detailed reports as JSON (great for custom scripting and reports).
  • Good-looking HTML reports - just self-contained HTML, great for sharing.
  • Good performance (1.2k+ RPS on an entry-level VPS).
  • Open-source under a permissive license (MPLv2).

Use Cases

  • Benchmark your application while it's still in development to make sure it performs well (read about practising Performance-Driven Development).
  • Run continous performance tests with your CI server (such as Jenkins, TeamCity or Travis) to make sure new code or config changes don't cause performance regressions.
  • Benchmark a dependency - a framework / library / server you may use - to get a feel for its performance before you commit to it.
  • Load-test your production system to prepare for an anticipated spike in traffic.

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