Need to prepare for high load?

$ npm install -g artillery  

Artillery is a modern, powerful & easy-to-use load testing toolkit. Use it to ship scalable applications that stay performant & resilient under high load.

♥ by developers, QA engineers and SREs

Artillery Quick Start Guide

Install Artillery and run your first load test with our 5 minute tutorial.

(Looking for something more advanced? Learn about load testing apps, adding randomness to your tests, or sending real-time metrics to StatsD)

Why Artillery?

  • Test anything: HTTP,, and WebSockets are supported out of the box, and custom engines can be added easily.
  • Scenarios: Test complex applications with multistep scenarios. Perfect for e-commerce backends, transactional APIs, IoT backends and all kinds of stateful services.
  • Useful perfomance metrics: latency, requests per second, concurrency, and throughput. Custom metrics can also be tracked.
  • Script with Javascript: customize your tests with JS and use modules from npm.
  • Scales with your usage: Run distributed large-scale tests from the cloud, collaborate more effectively on your performance tests, and get support with Artillery Pro, a modern cloud-native load testing solution for teams.
  • Integrations: StatsD supported out of the box for real-time reporting (also works with Datadog, Librato, and InfluxDB)
  • Extensible: write custom reporters, protocol engines, and plugins.
  • ...and more! HTML reports, nice CLI, parameterization with CSV files and more!

performance, scalability, and resilience start with load testing