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Performance & Scalability Testing

This offering is designed to help customers that want assurance that their systems can handle heavy load and traffic spikes.

We will help with correct planning of testing activities, design and implementation of custom test scripts, test automation, and overall performance strategy.

Typical work-streams

  • Planning - gather business requirements, liaise with internal teams and stakeholders, set goals and objectives for the engagement
  • Design & implementation - setting up automated test environments, developing testing scripts
  • Running tests - working with the customer on several testing & tune iterations, knowledge transfer from us to the customer's team
  • Analysis & recommendations - analysing and understanding data and logs produced by test runs, documenting the findings, providing architectural guidance


  • Service level objectives document
  • Test harness architecture and implementation document
  • Test execution documentation
  • Recommendations document

Typical length of engagement: 80 hours (40 hours minimum)


Customer Spotlight

lostmyname logo make marvellous personalised children's books & posters (more than 2.4 million sold since 2013). We helped the development team prepare for Black Friday and holiday season traffic spikes by designing and implementing a performance testing suite, analysing the performance of the e-commerce backend and providing recommendations for dealing with max traffic.

Anine Bing logo

Anine Bing is an LA-based women's fashion brand. We helped the development team ensure they are ready for flash sale events by designing and implementing a load test simulating sales events, running tests and analysing the performance of the e-commerce backend.

Training & Workshops

Give your team the knowledge they need to ship scalable and resilient systems with a hands-on course on full-stack performance with Artillery.

Topics covered

  • Load testing - goals and objectives of load testing, correct processes, designing and implementing realistic and actionable tests, performance-driven development
  • Load testing with Artillery - using Artillery to implement advanced user scenarios and test configurations
  • Performance analysis - tools and techniques to analyse the performance of a system under test
  • Test automation - integrating performance testing into continuous delivery pipelines, running distributed load tests from AWS
  • Optional: Node.js performance - profiling and debugging production Node.js performance issues
  • Optional: Using Chrome DevTools in conjunction with load testing for full-stack web performance analysis

Deliverables: a training workshop tailored for your team's requirements delivered on-site in the EU or the US.

Typical length: two days for a group of 4-10 people (one day minimum)

Custom Development

Tweak Artillery to meet specific requirements, build a custom reporting plugin, a custom integration, or an engine for a proprietary protocol.

Typical length: dependent on customer's requirements. (40 hours minimum)



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