Artillery Pro

Self-hosted load & functional testing solution for teams that care about performance

Ship Systems That Scale & Perform

Artillery Pro is a load & functional testing solution for teams that work on systems with scalability, performance and reliability requirements, and want to run load tests frequently, at scale, and cost-effectively.

Artillery Pro runs in your team's AWS account and offers deep AWS integration (IAM, VPC, cost allocation), distributed load testing (from ECS or Fargate), a slew of features and integrations designed to support testing of modern enterprise applications & modern DevOps workflows, and simple pricing.

Artillery Pro puts your team in control – test any of your services whether internal or external, as frequently as you need to, at any load.

At A Glance

  • Deployed in your team's AWS account
  • Run distributed load tests at scale
  • Run tests from any supported AWS region
  • Use AWS Fargate to run tests without managing any servers, or use existing ECS clusters
  • HTTP file uploads, SSL/TSL authentication support
  • No artificial limits on usage. Run as many tests as you need without worrying about test minutes, number of tests, concurrent requests etc

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Why Artillery Pro

Run Distributed Load Tests With Ease

Artillery Pro can run load tests using any existing ECS or Fargate cluster in your AWS account. There is no new infrastructure to set up, configure, or maintain.

Go Serverless!

With Fargate support, Artillery Pro offers the first and only cloud-native serverless load testing solution which can run load tests at massive scale, on-demand, and at a fraction of the cost compared to existing SaaS alternatives.

Distribited load testing

Test services inside your VPC

Test Services Inside Your VPCs

Artillery Pro runs tests from existing ECS/Fargate clusters in your own AWS account which makes it easy to test services inside your VPCs. Run performance tests directly against your microservices, internal APIs, and AWS dependencies such as Elastic Search Service domains, Kinesis streams, SQS queues, or AWS API Gateway endpoints.

Unlike with other solutions, there is no need to install third-party agents, set up network peering or whitelist external IPs for accessing your internal services.

This level of flexibility makes Artillery Pro a great solution for testing modern microservice-based systems.

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Deep AWS Integration

Artillery Pro runs in your team's AWS account offering deep integration with existing IAM and VPC configurations, and the ability to re-use your organization's existing controls for access, compliance, security and cost allocation.

Distribited load testing

Continuous load testing

Designed for Continuous Testing

Artillery Pro is designed with modern DevOps workflows and microservice-based systems in mind where tests run frequently, and against many different APIs and services. Your team never needs to worry about running out of allowance of test minutes, total virtual users, or the number of tests they may run because unlike cloud-based SaaS solutions Artillery Pro places no such limits on your usage.

Straightforward installation, easy to operate

Artillery Pro can be installed in a matter of minutes. No extensive knowledge of AWS or ops is required. The amount of required configuration is minimal and any existing Artillery scripts just work.

No new components that require ongoing maintenance are introduced by Artillery Pro. Only AWS-native services are used.

Artillery Pro can be installed with either CloudFormation or Terraform to integrate with your team's existing infrastructure-as-code approach.

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Easy to install


Artillery Pro provides an out-of-the-box self-serve internal load testing platform for teams in your organization. Since everything runs on your own infrastructure, load tests at any scale run at cost of AWS resources, enabling your teams to run load tests with frequency and at scale at a fraction of the cost compared with alternatives.

Built for modern polyglot systems

Artillery's support for multiple protocols out of the box and the ability to add your own easily makes it ideal for testing modern systems that are often comprised of many interacting components that speak different protocols. Whether you need to test an HTTP-based microservice, a realtime component, an AWS ElasticSearch backend server, or a microservice that consumes AWS SQS, Artillery Pro allows you to do that with ease.

Polyglot systems testing


Artillery Pro is the only load testing solution on the market which was designed to run in a modern cloud environment from the ground up, making use & integrating with native AWS services to make installation & operation as easy for its users as it could possibly be.

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Cloud native load testing


Your Artillery Pro subscription provides you with access to experience and technical expertise to support your team in your load testing activities with email support for help with using Artillery for load testing and for any issues that might arise (T&Cs apply).

Priority support packages with a response SLA and an increased number of support tickets are available as a separate subscription. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Simple & Predictable Pricing

Artillery Pro is licensed per AWS account and is a simple monthly subscription at $199/month. There are no variable charges or hidden costs. Your team can run as many tests as needed and at the scale required.

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Save 16% with annual pre-payment. Artillery Pro subscriptions are available on an annual basis at 16% savings compared to paying monthly.   Sign Up - $1990/year

Note that using Artillery Pro will incur charges for the underlying AWS resources used which are external to the Artillery Pro subscription charge. All AWS charges incurred for running tests with Artillery Pro will be included in your organization's AWS bill as normal.

Enterprise Support

Priority support packages are available as a separate subscription. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Enterprise Support benefits:

  • Dedicated support engineer
  • Response time SLA
  • Increased number of monthly support tickets
  • Priority bug fixes


How much infrastructure / DevOps work is required to use Artillery Pro?

Almost none. We designed Artillery Pro to be usable without any DevOps experience. You need to provide an AWS account, and Artillery Pro can take care of everything else. With built-in AWS Fargate support Artillery Pro can run in 100% "serverless" mode, i.e. there won't be any infrastructure (such as EC2 instances) for your team to manage.

However, since Artillery Pro runs in your own AWS account, it's possible to use standard AWS mechanisms to deeply integrate Artillery Pro with your existing infrastructure requirements if needed (for example by peering Artillery Pro's VPC to other VPCs to be able to test internal services deployed in those VPCs).

Can we try Artillery Pro before buying?

Trial licenses (14 days) are available on request. Please get in touch to have one set up for you.

How is Artillery Pro billed?

Artillery Pro is billed monthly or annually. Payment methods other than payment cards are supported but incur an extra processing fee of 10%.

How do we estimate the cost of AWS resources used?

Cost of AWS resources used to run tests with Artillery Pro will vary depending on multiple factors such as frequency of tests, duration of tests, and the nature of the tests themselves (e.g. whether they are network intensive, require higher CPU allocation etc), however it's likely to be a fraction of the cost of running the same volume and frequency of tests using other solutions, since you're getting the lowest possible price directly from AWS.

Since Artillery Pro runs in your own AWS account, it can benefit from any existing cost-reduction strategies already employed in your organization, e.g. by running Artillery Pro tests on existing ECS clusters comprised of reserved instances or spot instances.

If you don't operate any ECS clusters already, you can use Artillery Pro's Fargate support to run your tests in a "serverless" fashion with underlying infrastructure being provisioned and billed for on-demand.

If you need assistance in estimating AWS resource costs, we're happy to help. Drop us a line on

How is Artillery Pro licensed?

An Artillery Pro license is tied to an AWS account. One license may be used with one AWS account. There are no per-seat or per-host charges.

Get in touch on if you need to move a license to another account.

Do you offer discounts?

As a general policy, we do not offer discounts to for-profit enterprises. However, if you are a non-profit or an academic project we may be able to work something out (proof required). Drop us a line.

What is the relationship between Artillery & Artillery Pro?

Artillery is a popular open-source (MPL 2.0) toolkit for performance testing which was created and has been developed by Shoreditch Ops with help from the wider open-source community.

Artillery Pro is a commercial product which is designed for teams working on systems with performance & reliability requirements. Artillery Pro is developed & owned by Shoreditch Ops. A commercial license is required to use Artillery Pro.

Sales of Artillery Pro help fund ongoing development and maintenance of both the open-source Artillery and Artillery Pro.


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