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What is Artillery Pro?

Artillery is our widely used open-source load testing toolkit. Your team may already be using it to test your systems. Artillery Pro is a commercial add-on for Artillery that adds a number of capabilities to help teams test enterprise applications and systems with high performance requirements. Artillery Pro is designed for teams using modern DevOps workflows that want to make performance testing an integral part of their CI/CD pipeline.

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Extra capabilities to test enterprise applications

Artillery Pro adds first-class support for additional authentication protocols such as NTLM and SSL client authentication, powerful support for HTTP file uploads, and the ability to test SOAP-based services.

Run tests from the cloud

Create load testing clusters in your own AWS account with one command. Distributed testing is great for testing IoT workloads, peak ecommerce traffic or APIs that need to scale under high load.

Because the tests run from your own AWS account, Artillery Pro offers unmatched flexibility and cost effectivess compared to other solutions.

Test services inside your firewall

Artillery Pro clusters are created in your own AWS account which makes it easy to test services inside your VPC. Run performance tests directly against your microservices, internal APIs, and AWS components such as Elastic Search Service domains or AWS API Gateway endpoints.

Unlike with other solutions, with Artillery Pro there is no need no install third-party agents, set up network peering or whitelist external IPs for accessing your internal services.

Designed for continuous testing

Unlike other solutions, Artillery Pro places no limits on your usage such as a maximum number of monthly testing minutes, maximum concurrency, or maximum number of tests. Artillery Pro is for modern teams that want to run performance tests daily and is designed with those delivery workflows in mind.

Straightforward installation

It takes just one npm install command to install Artillery Pro. Configuration is minimal and your existing Artillery scripts continue to workflows.



Your Artillery Pro subscription provides you with access to experience and technical expertise to support your team in your load testing activities with email support for help with using Artillery for load testing and for any issues that might arise (T&Cs apply).

Priority support packages with a response SLA and an increased number of support tickets are available as a separate subscription. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Artillery Pro Packages

File uploads
NTLM authentication (on the roadmap)
SSL client authentication
SOAP service testing (on the roadmap)
ELB log replay
Distributed testing from AWS
Role-based access control
SupportEmail (72h response SLA)Email (48h response SLA)Email & support portal, custom SLA

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Can we try Artillery Pro before buying?

You can evaluate Artillery Pro for a trial period beforing getting a license. Please get in touch for details.

How is Artillery Pro billed?

Artillery Pro is billed annually. We are only able to process card payments at the moment.

Can we upgrade our package?

Yes, your package can be upgraded at any time. Please get in touch for details.

How is Artillery Pro licensed?

Each Starter and Medium license is tied to a team, identified by a Github organization name or an email domain. There is no per-seat / per-server charge for up to 25 users and/or machine-users. To discuss details of licensing terms for the Enterprise package, please get in touch.

Do you offer discounts?

As a general rule, we do not. However, if you are a non-profit or an academic project we may be able to work something out (proof required). Drop us a line.

What is the relationship between Artillery & Artillery Pro?

Artillery is a popular open-source (MPL 2.0) toolkit for performance testing which was created and has been developed by Shoreditch Ops with help from the wider open-source community.

Artillery Pro is a commercial product which adds additional capabilities to Artillery. Artillery Pro is developed & owned by Shoreditch Ops. A commercial license is required to use Artillery Pro.

Sales of Artillery Pro help fund ongoing development and maintenance of both the open-source Artillery and Artillery Pro.



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