Artillery Pro is a self-service load testing & smoke testing solution. Hosted in your own cloud environment.

Lift off & bring your performance testing to the next level

Empower your dev, QA, and SRE teams to run load tests, smoke tests, and synthetic monitors at scale and with ease.

Helping awesome teams run things smoothly

Artillery Pro


Simple & predictable pricing


For startups, small teams, or hobby projects, serving modest amounts of traffic
  • Deploy to one AWS account

  • Run tests from one AWS region only

  • Run one test at the same time

  • No limits on number of test runs, test minutes, virtual users, or virtual user concurrency. Up to 10 workers per test.

  • Support via email, on a best-effort response time basis. Community forum and online docs.


For teams running complex systems in production with strict performance and reliability SLOs
  • Deploy to one AWS account
    (more accounts may be added as add-ons)

  • Run tests from any of the 13 supported regions

  • Run up to 10 tests at the same time

  • Run multi-region tests with traffic originating from multiple regions

  • No limits on number of test runs, test minutes, virtual users, or virtual user concurrency. Up to 1,000 workers per test.

  • Priority support via email with a 24h response SLA. Onboarding support to help your team get started and monthly office hours. Community forum and online docs.


For organizations with multiple production systems & deployments, large teams, and complex requirements.

starts at

  • Deploy to multiple AWS accounts

  • No limit on parallel test runs

  • Custom payment & billing terms

  • Priority support via email, shared Slack channel, or help desk with a Custom support SLA

  • Priority bug fixes

Frequently asked questions

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How much infrastructure / DevOps work is required to use Artillery Pro?

Almost none. We designed Artillery Pro to be usable without any DevOps experience. You need to provide an AWS account, and Artillery Pro can take care of everything else.

With built-in AWS Fargate support Artillery Pro can run in 100% "serverless" mode, i.e. there won't be any infrastructure (such as EC2 instances) for your team to manage.

That said however, since Artillery Pro runs in your own AWS account, it's possible to use standard AWS mechanisms to deeply integrate Artillery Pro with your existing infrastructure requirements if needed (for example by peering Artillery Pro's VPC to other VPCs to be able to test internal services deployed in those VPCs).

Can we try Artillery Pro before buying?

Trial licenses (14 days) are available on request. Please get in touch on to have one set up for you.

How is Artillery Pro billed and licensed?

Artillery Pro is billed monthly or annually. Payment methods other than payment cards are supported but incur an extra processing fee of 10%.

An Artillery Pro license is tied to an AWS account. One license may be used with one AWS account. There are no per-seat or per-host charges.

Drop us a line on if you need to move a license to another account.

How do we estimate the cost of AWS resources used?

Cost of AWS resources used to run tests with Artillery Pro will vary depending on multiple factors such as:

  • how many tests are being run
  • duration of each test run
  • the nature of the tests themselves, e.g. amount of data sent over the network or CPU usage etc
  • the scale of test runs, i.e. the number of Artillery Pro workers in a test run

The cost is likely to be a fraction of the cost of running the same volume and frequency of tests using other solutions, since you're getting the lowest possible price directly from AWS.

Since Artillery Pro runs in your own AWS account, it can benefit from any existing cost-reduction strategies already employed in your organization, e.g. by running Artillery Pro tests on existing ECS clusters comprised of reserved instances or spot instances.

If you don't operate any ECS clusters already, you can use Artillery Pro's Fargate support to run your tests in a "serverless" fashion with underlying infrastructure being provisioned and billed for on-demand.

If you need assistance in estimating AWS resource costs, we're happy to help. Drop us a line on