Artillery Pro

What is Artillery Pro?

Artillery Pro is an add-on for Artillery, our widely used open source load testing toolkit. It is designed for teams that want to run large scale tests with ease and make performance testing an important part of their delivery pipeline.

Artillery Pro extends Artillery with the ability to run distributed load tests from your own AWS account and other features to help teams ship software that is ready for high traffic, and performs well & stays resilient under load.


Run tests from the cloud

Create an Artillery cluster with one command and run load tests tests from your own AWS account. Great for testing IoT workloads, peak ecommerce traffic or APIs that need to scale.

Test services inside your firewall

Artillery Pro clusters are created in your own AWS account which makes it easy to test services inside your VPC. Run performance tests directly against your microservices, internal APIs, and AWS components such as Elastic Search Service domains or AWS API Gateway endpoints.

Get started in minutes

It takes just one npm install command to install Artillery Pro and another command to create your first cloud cluster. No changes are needed to your existing Artillery scripts to run them from the cloud.


Your Artillery Pro subscription provides you with access to experience and technical expertise to support your team in your load testing activities with priority email support (48h response SLA) for help with using Artillery for load testing and for any issues that might arise.

Artillery Pro Pricing

Artillery Pro is currently in private beta. Pricing starts at $1,499/year. Please get in touch to join the beta program.

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