This document describes various limits for Artillery Pro.

Supported Regions

Artillery Pro may be deployed in any of the following AWS regions:

North America



We're working on adding support for more AWS regions. If a region you need is not on the list, please let us know via

AWS Accounts

Only one Artillery Pro deployment per AWS account per active subscription is supported. For example, if Artillery Pro is deployed to us-west-1 in AWS account 9123412312345, it won't be possible to also create another Artillery Pro deployment in eu-west-1 in the same AWS account.

Note: Multi-region load tests can be run by using ECS/Fargate clusters in different regions. Drop us a line on if you need assistance with setting up a multi-region load test.

Fargate Workers

Fargate has a default limit of 50 tasks per region, which means that by default an Artillery Pro test is limited to a maximum of 50 workers when running on Fargate. Please follow the steps to request an AWS limit increase if you need more than the default maximum.