Shipping Friday no. 2 🛥️


Artillery v2 dev preview 4

Work is continuing on the next major release of Artillery Core. We shipped another preview release, and if you’re feeling brave, as usual it’s just one npm install away:

npm install -g artillery@2.0.0-dev4

To go with this release we’ve also published two new guides in the official docs:

  • Artillery v2 migration guide - to keep track of what’s new and different in v2, and to document backwards-incompatible changes for users migrating from v1.
  • Telemetry - to describe the new telemetry functionality in Artillery which we will use to help us guide evolution of the product

Artillery v1.7.4 is out

v1.7.4 is a maintenance release with a couple of bug fixes. Details are available in the v1.7.4 release notes.