Shipping Friday! 🚢


Welcome to the inaugural installment of Shipping Friday!

Shipping Friday is our new weekly update which answers one question: “what did you ship this week?”

Artillery Pro v2.3.0-1

We shipped a minor update to the preview release of Artillery Pro. Nothing major in this one - just making Fargate the default launch type, a couple of fixes, and a bunch of internal refactoring to make the code tidier.

See full release notes in Artillery Pro Changelog

Artillery v2 dev preview 3

Work is continuing on the next major release of Artillery Core. We shipped another preview release, and if you’re feeling brave, as usual it’s just one npm install away:

npm install -g artillery@2.0.0-dev3

Fresh off the press!

Dennis published a whopper of a blog post which you should definitely check out! load testing in CI

Load testing with and CI

Publish metrics to Mixpanel

Mixpanel logo

We shipped support for sending metrics to Mixpanel in the official publish-metrics plugin.

Awesome work @EmiiFont! You’re the community MVP this week! 🏆 🙌

See the docs for publish-metrics plugin for instructions on how to set it up.

Keptn + Artillery

Keptn logo

Francesco shipped an Artillery integration for Keptn. This means that if you use Keptn, you can now use Artillery to run load tests and smoke tests to help your services maintain their SLOs. (Not using Keptn yet? You should definitely check it out!)

The code is on Github:

You’ll be able to catch Francesco’s demo of the integration at the next Keptn User Group meeting.

Physically shipped some swag to contributors

📬 Yep! (coffee and keyboard not included)

Artillery swag

Bonus: production load testing

OK, these weren’t shipped last week, but they’re worth checking out if you have a few minutes and if production load testing sounds intriguing!

SLOconf: Production load testing as a guardrail for SLOs

This lightning talk was given by yours truly back in May at SLOConf - the first conference dedicated to the art & practice of SLOs. It explores load testing in production for building an extra margin of safety around your SLOs.

Hassy Veldstra SLOConf talk slide

Load testing. In production.

Load testing. In production. is a deeper dive into production load testing, how it works and how to implement it in practice.

Production load testing club