Modern testing for SRE and DevOps

Keep prod fast & reliable, customers happy, and pagers silent

Artillery is a modern load testing and smoke testing solution designed for cross-functional teams that run microservice-based systems on AWS and rely on CI/CD to ship at high velocity

Helping performance-savvy teams run things smoothly

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Artillery Core

Get started and run a test in minutes from your local machine or a VM. Free & open-source.

$ npm install -g artillery  

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Artillery Pro

Take your testing to next level and empower every dev team in your organization with a self-service platform hosted in your own AWS environment.

  • Cloud-native: Scale out as needed and run tests from 13 different geo regions
  • Serverless: No infrastructure to maintain, no ongoing charges
  • On-prem: plug in to existing security & compliance mechanisms
  • Microservice-friendly: test services inside the VPC perimeter with ease
  • Cost-effective: pricing that supports high-volume, frequent use
  • Open-source based: seamless upgrade from Artillery Core

“We use Artillery to run weekly load tests in production. This gives us the confidence to know our online publications can handle large spikes in traffic without incident or customer impact, as well as identifying any potential problems or bottlenecks ahead of time in a controlled manner. Artillery has been an invaluable tool for the SRE team as we continuously look to improve our platform's reliability and resiliency.”

Clayton Howe
Lead SRE, Conde Nast

“We need to run load tests for all of our systems - Chat, Social, Bots and Video, so we can be confident that our system is always up to the quality our customers worldwide expect. Arillery makes our routine load testing much easier!”

Art Touchapon Kraisingkorn
CTO & Head of Professional Services, Amity

“Artillery allows us to test the Big Give's infrastructure and apps at realistic scale with minimal time investment. This was a key part of our small team's quality control ahead of the 2020 Christmas Challenge, which delivered our strongest results yet – supporting 764 charities to keep working through the pandemic with over £20 million raised.”

Noel Light-Hilary
Tech Lead, The Big Give